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Do not ignore baby’s facial health care:

The child is one of the important members in a modern family. Hope children have a bright future is every parent’s greatest desire and pursuit. A good body is the basic condition for a bright future. So parents take full good care of the children’s daily life and diet nutrition. However, in recent years from paediatric clinic analysis, parents often ignore the child’s facial care.

baby health

When the disease appears, you can only go to the hospital for medical treatment. The Parents do not know. Prevention is better than hospital. If parents can pay attention to baby health facial care started from infants.That will have a good effect for body health.

Eye care:

Parents should pay attention to eye care. You can not let the children staring at something for a long time. Especially a young children,less than 2-year-old, should not watch TV. If child eyes have abnormal symptoms, you should go to the hospital in time, avoiding the abuse of eye drops.

Nose care:

For nose care, you should let children eat more vegetables or fruits so to prevent nasal hemorrhage. Do not let children carry small things to avoid accidental injury of nose. Do not use finger digs in the nostrils to prevent infection. When infant learn walking, if their nose get hurt because of careless, on time treatment is needed.

Ear Care:

When baby sleep on one side, be careful not to auricular twisted compression. When taking a shower, do not let water flow into the ear canal so to avoid causing inflammation. Parents are better not to give infant digging earwax because a small amount of cerumen can protect the eardrum. If you find baby ear has too much wax, you should go to the hospital for a help.

Throat care:

Infant vocal cords is delicate, not as strong as adult. If you do not take care of it, it is really easy to catch disease. Therefore, at the beginning of childhood noisy, parents should timely stop them. Parents should not tempt children to scream and teach them not cry in order to avoid the vocal cord congestion swelling, inflammation, and even vocal hypertrophy.Especially for girl infant, parents should pay more attention to the protection of the vocal cords.

Oral care:

Pay attention to prevent the infant hurt lips or teeth by fell-fall. Parent should make children get used to habits for brushing daily to prevent tooth decay. For other abnormal situation, parents should go to a hospital for a help.

Common baby health problems:

Health is not only the base of life but also the source of happiness. Health can not take the place of everything. But no health, the life will be dull. If you want to enjoy your life and create a brilliant life, you must cherish health and learn to live healthily. Whether you are happy or not in your whole life, there are a lot of measure standards. But health is listed in the first.


baby health

With the change of social environment and the improvement of people’s living standard, baby health problems have been problems that be concerned all the time. The incidence rate of obesity increased in childhood. Most children’s obesity caused by excess heat and the lack of exercise. Community nurse should strengthen children’s nutrition guidance and promote positive lifestyle. It is a better way for children to persist in physical exercise. Because this can prevent the ocurrence of obesity. Other health problems like myopia, decayed tooth, anemia and psychohygiene threats baby health. Regarding myopia, Children’s vision problems become worse and worse year by year due to the increased study pressure and use of TV and computer. Teachers should arrange the work and rest time reasonably. Parents should help to check chiladren’s vision regularly.

 Baby health should be focused on:

The 21st century is a changeable century and an inspiring era. Hope, cnfusion, chanllenge will appear in the front of every social memebers at any time and place. Therefore, when you focus on the development of infant’s intelligence, you have to pay a great attention to the children’s physical and mental health as well. Educate a healthy baby has become each parent’s dream. It is also a problem of the preschool education work for many years. How can we educate next healthy generation?

baby health
Perschool period is the critical period for the development of infant body. Its body parts are continuously become perfect at this stage. The direct mehtod to improve their physical health is sports activities. The sport activities are diverse in the kindergarten, including physical eduaction class, physical training, athletic meeting, hiking and so on. In the practical work, we make full use of the functions of sport activities. Baby health can not be ignored. Appropriate intervention measures should be taken to improve these children’s mental health status. Hiking can promote the normal development of the baby’s body. It also can exercise children’s patience so that they get good psychological quality to overcome difficulties. Many sport games can improve the emotion between teachers and students which is good for the formation of character.

Pregnant Women’s Behaviors Affect the Baby’s Health Directly:

The behavior of pregnant women affects the baby health in large degree. Pregnant women should care about their own health every second. See a doctor is a must, especially the first three months of pregnancy. Suggestions from doctors can help pregnant women learn how to properly treat pregnancy.

baby health

For example, if they have chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes, obesity and asthma before pregnancy, they must control the disease. Psychological stress and frustration are other negative factors for pregnancy, especially some pregnancies that drink heavily and smoke illegal drugs will hurt the fetus. Family medical history and family history of genetic, such as mental retardation, blind and deaf, and a variety of congenital disease history, should be informed the doctor before pregnancy; the doctor will give the best treatment recommendations. Unhealthy lifestyle should be changed. Drinking can cause premature birth, delayed mental development, birth of defects and low weight infants. Smoking (including passive smoking) can reduce women’s ability to conceive, and can cause premature birth and birth of low weight infants. Overdose can affect the health of the fetus. For example, aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs taken at the third trimester of pregnancy can reduce amniotic fluid volume and can cause congenital heart disease.

Reasons for causing baby’s diarrhea:

It’s not an easy thing to bring up a baby healthily and happily, which will be deeply understood when you become parents. Every day you have to take care of the baby very well and pay great attention to details. Or else, some carelessness might bring problems to your baby.
Lots of parents are worried about the baby’s diarrhea and just don’t know the reason. Let’s talk about some causes.

Wrong way of changing milk:

Improper changes among milk including breast milk with milk powder or different brands of milk powder will cause diarrhea. The right way is to mix the new milk with the old one gradually every day to let the baby get used to the new taste. It at least takes a week.

baby health
Wrong way of reconstituting the milk powder
Improper way or temperature during reconstituting the milk powder will cause the baby to get diarrhea.
Catch a chill:
Babies suck in cold air during playing and drinking milk or drink too cold milk will cause diarrhea.
Be frightened:
Having been frightened will cause diarrhea too and the excrement will show a little bit green. It’s not necessary to get some medicine for this case. Babies will gradually get better.

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