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Description of the sternum symptom:

About stenosis: Vascular diseases are the leading cause of death in our country, through their impact on the brain, heart, kidneys, limbs and other vital organs nerves. It also participates in the development of many other diseases as a predisposition factor.


The essence of atherosclerosis is that liver cracking is formed in the vascular wall, so it becomes uneven in the vascular wall, the cross-section of the vessels narrows, the vascular wall loses elasticity and becomes fragile.

Venous stenosis usually affects the entire body, but it can also be expressed in a single vascular area.

Its development is caused by the combination of several risk factors.

These factors are well known:

  • hypertension.
  • the increased fat content of blood.
  • diabetes.
  • all forms of smoking.
  • gout.
  • but it is an important factor in not, age, overweight.
  • a low-powered lifestyle.
  • long-term stress and the role of hereditary factors are not negligible.
  • Your family has a common form of cardiovascular disease, and has a greater chance of having a similar illness.
  • From the age of 45, the number of diseases is increasing, men are more affected, but the incidence of menopausal women increases and approaches men of the same age.

For a long time, asymptomatic , when complaints and anatomical changes occur , the process is often irreversible. There is no general symptom. Symptoms corresponding to the particular organ damage dominate.

What symptoms do you think of stenosis?


Leg pain: the most typical symptom. For loads – eg. walking, stairs – inflammatory or cramped legs or pain in the thighs , which depends on rest. Initially, this symptom only occurs at higher loads – longer walking and hastening. Later, with the progression of vasoconstriction, the distance without pain is decreasing. Musculo-skeletal disorders often have very similar symptoms, which is why an existing rheumatic disease may delay the diagnosis.

Cold limbs: This symptom may not be a symptom of circulatory disturbances in the liver, but the symptom may be the most commonly associated with circulatory disturbances. A sign of inadequate frustration may be the coolness of hands and feet. Coldness sensation, besides numbness, is also a common symptom of neuronal damage to polyneuropathy as a complication of diabetes.

Fragilized nails: Frequent symptom of insufficient circulation.


Ulcerative ulceration:


Wounds and ulcers that are not or insufficiently healable on both the legs and on the hands or trauma or without it are a serious symptom and require an immediate investigation into vasoconstriction, especially in smokers, diabetics, or those who had already had leg pain in the wrist prior to the appearance of the ulcer .


Vascular diseases may affect the entire vascular system which can cause concurrent coronary artery disease or brain disease. In patients with a history of myocardial infarction or cerebral infarction, the symptoms of vasoconstriction should be taken seriously.

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