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What are the Risks of Acai Berries


In today’s world, more and more people are taking steps to lose weight and make serious lifestyle changes that will positively impact their overall health. In addition to doing things like getting more regular exercise and eating a more healthy diet, there are more and more breakthroughs in new methods and techniques of creating a healthy lifestyle. Acai berries have recently become a very popular ingredient in many different weight loss supplements and detox products. This natural berries that are grown in the Amazon rainforrest boast several weight loss components that can lead to weight loss. However, many people are skeptical as to whether Acai berries and products are really all they’re cracked up to be. There are a few potential risks to using Acai products, and while many people are extremely happy with the results of Acai berries, keeping these potential risks in mind is important before deciding whether or not to use them.

Before starting to use Acai berries

It is important to look over the ingredients that are in the chosen product, Just because a weight loss supplement contains Acai berries does not automatically mean it’s a good option. Look at the other ingredients listed in order to avoid unwanted side effects. For example, it is not uncommon for Acai products to have high levels of fructose, which is a sugar additive. With the addition of fructose or other preservatives, a person could experience hightened blood-sugar levels, which could even lead to diabetes. In addition, some other ingredients have the potential to lead to higher cholesterol levels as well. Be sure to check with a professional as to what ingredients should be avoided in Acai products. Finding the right product with the right ingredients is a way to avoid these risks while still getting the health benefits.

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Another slight risk of using Acai berries is stomach cramps and potential diarrhea. Because the Acai berry has a very high fiber content, it reacts similarly to a laxative. This reaction can occur specifically during digestion, and this is what can lead to the cramps and diarrhea. However, for those needing a laxative, the Acai berry can be a natural option, as opposed to a chemically based one.

One other potential risk to using Acai berries is a potential allergic reaction to the food. Acai berry reactions are likely to occur with individuals who have pollen allergies, or who are also allergic to similar types of berries, such as blueberries. The different types of potential allergic reactions range from swelling in the face or throat, watery eyes, and other normal allergic reactions. However, many people happily use Acai berries without experiencing any such side effects.

Overall, the risks associated with Acai berries are quite small, and most can easily be avoided. Keeping in mind potential ingredients to avoid, Acai berries can prove to be an extremely beneficial addition to one’s diet. The berry’s high antioxidant levels and ability to improve metabolism make it a popular choice in weight loss supplements and other weight loss plans. It has many positive components, and it’s slight potential risks should not rule it out as an addition to a new weight loss routine. By making many changes to one’s lifestyle, including exercise and new diet changes such as using the Acai berry, a person can see the results they are looking for.

How Much Acai Berry Can Be Taken?

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The Acai berry is a small, round purple fruit from the Acai palm in Central and South America. A popular and healthful fruit eaten by the people of the Brazilian Amazon for centuries, the last twelve years has seen the tremendous anti-oxidant properties of this berry enrich the diet of people all over the world.

Not only is this berry a boon to the health and well-being of people everywhere, it is a boon to the Amazon rainforest. The harvesting of the fruit is a sustainable livelihood for the people of the area and harvesting actually preserves the rainforest making it more profitable to keep than cut down.

For those who enjoy the benefits of the Acai berry, there may be a question of the correct dosage. Acai can be taken in many ways including drinking it as a juice, eating it or taking it as a food supplement. Since the berry needs to be consumed within 24 hours after it is picked to get the benefits, eating it is not usually an option. Juice is one of the most popular ways to take the berry, but consumers need to make sure they are getting a high quality product and that the percentage of Acai berry in the juice is high. A food supplement in the form of extract is one of the healthiest ways to take the fruit.

Acai berry juice is very tasty and two to four ounces per day is a good way to begin. It is important to see how it affects each individual. Since the juice contains nutrients and antioxidants, taking more will not cause any negative side effects and may be good for some people.

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The food supplement is usually consumed in one 1,000 mg dose per day. Some people may be able to take more than this, but it is not recommended without consulting a doctor. The potency of the product is important. Some products suggest 4,000 mg per day. It is important to be sure the product is 100 percent pure Acai berry. It will give a recommended dosage on the label.

If a high quality supplement is taken, the dosage will depend on each individual’s physical response to the product. Some Acai products use fillers and have a low percentage of the berry. If these are taken, the user will feel disappointed that the benefits they were looking for did not happen. Juices and extracts must say 100 percent pure Acai berry in order for the benefits to be seen.

There are no officially published guidelines for recommended dosages of Acai extract. The doses of other flavonoids and anthocyanins range from 200 to 1500 mg per day and this could also apply to Acai berry extracts. It is not considered healthy to take too much Acai berry juice or extract. The side effects are minimal, but it could upset the stomach and cause diarrhea. Each person must decide for him or herself what amount constitutes too much

Acai berries offer many health benefits as experienced by the people of the Amazon rainforest. Some of the benefits seen by people all over the world when taking Acai extracts or juice are:

  •  Improved digestion
  • Higher metabolism
  • Regulated blood circulation
  • Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids
  •  Anti-oxidants
  • Help with weight loss
  • Clean the bowels

The general guidelines for doses of Acai berry products are:

  • Up to 2,000 mg capsules per day with water
  • Two tablespoons of pure juice per day
  • One to two cups of tea per day

How Long Does It Take for Acai Berries to Work?

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The acai berry is known as one of nature’s superfoods and comes from the acai palm tree, which is native to both Central and South America. Part of the reason that the acai berry is so healthy is that it contains many flavonoids and anthocyanins. These are antioxidants that assist the body in defending against life’s stressors and keep the body’s cell production high. Due to the high levels of antioxidants, many people select to eat the berries or take acai berry supplements to neutralize radicals, which slow down the aging and disease process.

Another popular reason to treat the body with acai berry is for weight loss. Whether you need to shed those last few pounds from the holiday feasting or get started on a New Year’s regimen to eat healthier and take care of your body, acai berry helps. It doesn’t only aid in removing the excess weight you’ve been struggling to get rid of, it also contributes to eliminating harmful toxins from the body and boosts metabolism to help you digest other foods that you eat faster. With so many beneficial properties, there is no wonder why the acai berry is touted as being a super fruit.

Once you’ve begun to eat them on a regular basis or take supplements in pill form before, with or after each meal, you’re probably wondering how long it’s going to be before you can expect to see some results in your waistline and on the scale.

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The first impact that you’ll notice once you begin consuming acai berry on a regular basis is an increase in your overall energy levels. When your energy levels increase you’ll have more drive and desire to get up and do things, whether that includes playing on the floor or outside with your kids or going for a walk around the block. Physical activity, combined with a healthy diet, also aids in weight loss and this is just another way for the acai berry to really show its benefits to the human body.

After about a week, you’ll also notice a decrease in appetite since the acai berries help you feel fuller and will reduce or eliminate the urge you have to graze and snack on unhealthy foods that contribute to weight gain or cause a roadblock for you when you are trying to trim the fat.

The other health benefits that you’ll get from taking acai berries in their natural form or in pill form as a supplement to your current eating habits will depend on how much you’re consuming and the current health of your body. Other benefits that may not be the primary reason for consumption, but definitely contribute to the overall benefits of the acai berry, include cleansing out the body’s digestive system and improving cardiovascular health.

Benefits to the skin can also be seen in about two weeks after a regular pattern of using acai berry is established. It leaves a glowing tone to the skin, which is another reason it has been advertised and sold for benefitting those individuals that aim to look and feel younger without expensive surgical procedures.

It’s important to use enough acai berries in your diet to produce an effect that is what you hope to obtain from using it. If the dosage is too low for your body type or weight, you’ll fail to see results in a timely manner or at all, depending on your current physical health status. If you don’t see results immediately, don’t give up. Try increasing the amount you consume and then wait for the berries to work their magic.

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